Department of Management Studies

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SNGIST is one of the premier Management institutions in Kerala, equipped with excellent infrastructure and ultramodern facilities to keep pace with the rapidly growing business world. Our highly qualified and dedicated faculty is committed to developing the new generation of dynamic business leaders with the right mix of corporate professionalism and academic rigour. We make sure that students are well-trained to withstand the high pressure of fierce competition from corporates, giving importance to mould them as effective managers.

The Department of Management Studies in SNGIST ASC has a strong foundation built on SNGIST ASC’s experience in management education for more than 10 years in providing a descent education. The department commits itself to impart a wide range of professional and interpersonal skills to the students. The department provides various activities designed to improve the communication and leadership skills of students. Students are also required to complete compulsory 30 days of industrial training in a public or private limited company and submit a project report as a part of the programme. The whole programme is carefully designed in such a manner to facilitate fulfilling the dreams of students who either aspire to get placed or move on to pursue further studies in management.

We equip students in the management area to be independent and confident with various soft skills and knowledge in the field of Business & Management to face many challenges of the corporate world and take up decisions with ethical values and social responsibility.

The department has 4 full time faculty members and other guest faculty who are unstintingly dedicated to the grooming and success of the students. Bridge course is conducted every year for newly admitted non-commerce students. This course is incorporated to impart the basic knowledge of accounting.

We also provide three industrial visits, one environment visit and one study tour for the entire course of study. We celebrate our Department Association Day, Annual Day and all other special days in a joyful manner.


The department’s role is to act as a catalyst, facilitator, and motivator for the students through group efforts and to achieve greater success and make an enhanced contribution to society by providing opportunities for polishing skills, education, and innovative guidance.


Develop versatile, self-confident and socially responsible pupil who aspire to achieve their full potential.


  • 1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)