Education Career

Chairman’s Message

Smart Learning has been the new mantra in academic circles and student communities for quite a few years. There is a constant striving to generate more fun and student interest in all aspects of the curriculum. Classroom studies have become interspersed with Industry Exposure Programs, Outbound Activities and other practical knowledge lessons which empower the student with equal measures of academic and practical knowledge. With a firm belief in this new trend, we at SNGIST have devised ‘learning through reflection on doing’. This system of learning encourages students to learn, experience and question whatever they imbibe from their mentors. They are encouraged to observe the outer world and deduce new insights on what they learn. It has been the cornerstone of our education program for quite a few years and has proved to be highly successful in shaping future-ready workforce. I wish all our students a successful career and a fruitful life ahead.

Mr. V.P. Asprasad
Chairman & Chief Coordinator

Manager’s Message

In the year 2023, colleges will dedicate more resources to prepare students for career paths beyond traditional courses.This will result in the growing popularity of vocational and technical courses that teach diverse skill sets. Colleges will collaborate with famous universities in abroad to find new solution to tackle the problem of skill gap.
As the job market demands a workforce with the necessary skills, colleges will shift their focus towards vocational education and training.
The future of the economy is in skill specialization. Technical institutions and vocational training will be more valuable than a basic degree.
In 2023 India’s National Education policy (NEP) will drive significant educational reform with a focus on the stem based learning and skill based education. Policy developments aim promoting digital literacy and providing equitable access to qualify learning methods.
At SNGIST we have always paid close attention to the shifting trends in the fields of education

Prof. K.S Pradeep