Dept. of Psychology

Education Career


  • To implement an experiential curriculum transaction of the Mahatma Gandhi university in terms of day to day face to face classroom teaching, evaluation and co- curricular
  • To implement online teaching and evaluation in contexts demanded by the college or the university.
  • To develop career fixation thought among the students by analysing availability of opportunities and own aptitude.
  • To research out solutions for the behavioural problems of the student community in the college and local community.
  • To support other students and facilities for inter- disciplinary learning objectives.


Through the college follows the curriculum ordered by the MG University, it has decided to enrich the curriculum transaction in the following ways:

  • As far as possible the department will try for maximum practical sessions for knowledge construction in psychology.
  • Theory formation is to be undertaken by the learner’s themselves from practical sessions, field visits and action rest by the students.
  • Locally available resources like de addiction centres, care homes, health centres, special schools should be utilised by the students for their skill development
  • Research activities, investigation, surveys shall get individual planning and implementation for students for their career development.
  • Assignments, seminars, conferences should bring about solutions for behavioural problems, social issues and ethical concerns.